What is Auto Clean Chimney? An Easy-To-Follow Guide

This post will explain what is auto clean chimney? It works and why it’s essential to keep your home’s chimney clean.

A chimney is a necessary installation for most homeowners. The reason why it’s important to have one is because they provide a way for smoke and other by-products from your fireplace or woodstove to escape, preventing them from filling up your home.

What if you could avoid having to clean the chimneys yourself? What if there was an easier way? Well, now there is.

Auto Clean Chimney is designed specifically with homeowners in mind; this innovative system takes care of everything automatically.

The kitchen chimney is a kind of a dirty, dusty mess. It gets all over everything and can be hard to clean because there are so many angles for dirt to get stuck in. But now, with new auto-clean technology, it’s simple

No more scrubbing away at this chore yourself (or hours on end).

The inventors behind these clever inventions designed them specifically with dual fans that do most if not all work by themselves – saving you time while enhancing efficiency.

Also, distinguish between regular and normal chimneys based on their benefits and disadvantages.

What is Auto Clean Chimney?

An auto-clean chimney is a chimney system that cleans itself through the use of a special damper. A self-cleaning chimney can reduce the need for a homeowner to hire a professional chimney sweep, saving money and time.

It also helps maintain the clean air quality in your home by preventing creosote build-up from being deposited on the top of the chimney. In most cases, you do not have to schedule periodic inspections with your fireplace dealer or insurance company because an auto-clean, or self-cleaning, duct takes care of itself.

It works by opening and closing one of its two dampers.

The open damper allows the exhaust gases from a fire to be released, but it also permits cooler air inside your chimney to rush up and sweep away any soot or creosote build-up on top of your fireplace.

The other damper remains closed during normal use so no smoke can escape.

Advantages of an Auto Clean Chimney

Energy Efficient

The chimney doesn’t come with powerful blowers. Therefore, these fireplaces need more energy-efficient ways to remove hot gases from the kitchen so that they can clean it without leaving behind any oil or grease stains on your interior surfaces.

The auto-clean feature ensures no one will have trouble cleaning up after themselves in their own home, thanks again to this high-quality blower system that prevents staining. You’ll always know when an important task has been completed by its beeping sound effects.

Suction Capacity

With the blower sucking smoke and oil into it, some particles stick to its surface. These soot-covered grime do not easily fall off because there is no auto clean technology available in traditional chimneys- they can clog up quickly and slow down performance on a motor with lower suction capacity than what we have now.

With modern chimneys equipped with auto clean technology, you can enjoy a worry-free experience. These automatic systems ensure that your chimney is always in perfect working condition and doesn’t get clogged from dirt buildup due to their powerful motors designed for high suction capacity.

More efficient for large kitchens

The suction capacity of traditional chimneys is insufficient to prevent the clogging process.

But with a high-suction motor, auto clean fireplaces are much more efficient for large kitchens and have less maintenance than other types of firesides because they do not require flue cleaners or annual cleaning like wood stoves do.

Less Maintenance

It is not necessary to clean your chimney after each use. The latest auto-clean and anti-smoking technologies allow for quick, simple maintenance that doesn’t require much effort.

It’s so easy with these features because all the impurities are collected on an oil collector, which can then be taken off when done using without leaving any remnants behind like old newspapers or ash.

Plus, if there isn’t already one built into each model type – meaning gas fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, etc.- users will likely want them installed due to their increased efficiency over traditional manual methodologies of average yearly cleaning expenditures per homeowner.


The auto-clean technology in modern-day chimneys extends the lifespan and improves their performance.

But old traditional style chimneys have no such feature which causes clogging, particles stuck inside them limiting airflow for proper draft cleaning resulting in degraded efficiency causing shortening of lifespan.

Easy to clean

An automated system is for you if you only have a few minutes to clean your chimney.

Auto-clean models come complete with a button that sends them on their way. These are convenient because they can be done anytime without worrying about cleaning and maintaining it ourselves like before when all we had was manual labour options at our disposal (which were not always enough). They’re also better than traditional methods in many ways.

Disadvantages of an Auto Clean Chimney


The auto clean chimney is a very efficient and effective way to remove smoke from your home. It has a high initial cost that can be justified in the long run as it lasts for decades.

High Repair Costs

Filters become clogged with these particles, preventing them from passing through the machine.

Also, chimneys are equipped with advanced features that could be expensive to repair or replace for some people.

Auto Clean Chimney Types and the Type of Filter Used

According to the filter, there are two types of chimneys on the market:-

Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney

For a triple-combo type of auto-clean chimney. Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney effectively removes smoke from your home because of the triple filter that attaches to the machine.

These filters are designed to trap impurities and prevent them from entering your home while still allowing for a natural draft of air.

Baffle-style filters require cleaning every three months but are good because they allow grilling or frying without worrying about clogging up the inside with ash-like regular fireplace plumes might do so easily over time – keeping things neat at all times.

Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Filterless Auto Clean chimneys are the best choice for those who don’t want to deal with filters.

This type of fireplace works great and requires almost no maintenance, but it can only handle light frying or grilling. These units are not capable of handling heavy frying and grilling operations.

FAQs: What is Auto Clean Chimney?

What does “Auto Clean” chimney mean?

The “Auto Clean” means that the heat of the fire cleans the chimney.

How often should I have the chimney cleaned?

The chimney should be cleaned every three to four months.

How do I clean the chimney?

To clean the chimney, you must remove the flue liner. You can do this with a pair of pliers.

What is a flue liner?

A flue liner is a piece of metal that covers the inside of the chimney. It is used to keep the heat from coming up through the chimney.

Is it safe to use a fireplace with an auto-clean chimney?

Yes, it is safe to use a fireplace with an auto-clean chimney.

What should I do if my chimney becomes blocked?

If you have a blocked chimney, you should call your chimney company immediately.


In This article, we have provided a detailed guide to help you with your chimney care. Feel free to provide feedback in the comments section on this post if there is anything unclear or concerning the content.

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